What Is The Best Treatment For Eczema On The Hands?




Eczema, also known as Ectopic Dermatitis, is a common, yet uncomfortable, embarrassing and sometimes painful skin condition that causes skin rashes, cracking, itching, blistering and irritation. It can appear anywhere on a person’s body. However, when it manifests on the hands, it can greatly hinder an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks. The Harley Street Skin and Nutrition Clinic invites you to read the following brief article about this condition, how it can be treated and if you have been afflicted to consider eczema treatment Harley Street.

What Are The Causes Of Eczema?

Eczema can be initiated by numerous triggers, including temperature extremes, very dry or humid air, allergens, chemical irritants, cigarette smoke, fabrics in clothing, an individual’s physical environment or even a family history of the condition. Often, people employed in industries where they are exposed to chemical irritants can be at greater risk of developing eczema. The first step in treating the affliction is to try and pinpoint exactly what is the root cause of the problem.

How To Treat Hand Eczema?

Treating hand eczema is a multi-step process. Before looking at treatment options, it is important to understand there are certain activities that should be avoided or curtailed so as not to bring about, exacerbate or render treatment for hand eczema ineffective. The following are a few helpful steps:

Limit Hand Washing

Hand washing should only take place when they are dirty or have been exposed to germs, such as immediately following a trip to the men’s or ladies room.

Wear Gloves

Protective hand coverings should be used by people employed in industries where their hands might become exposed to chemicals or irritants. However, this practice is also advisable to those planning on engaging in common house or yardwork as well. Gloves may cause the hands to sweat. In the event perspiration accumulates on the hands, the gloves should be removed and the perspiration should be cleared off the skin. Sweat has been known to precipitate eczema flares.

In the event hand eczema does develop, fortunately, the following treatments exist:

Hydrocortisone Ointments

These skin lotions are available in both over-the-counter and prescription forms and provide relief by soothing inflamed areas.

Cold Compresses

These ice-filled towels can be applied to impacted skin to relieve the itching associated with hand eczema.


These drugs, which typically can be taken orally, can provide relief of itching and inflammation. Certain types of antihistamines, however, cause drowsiness. This side effect can be quite bothersome and, quite possibly, dangerous if experienced during the day. Should one choose to use an antihistamine to treat hand eczema, he or she might wish to find one which does not elicit sleepiness.


In severe cases of hand eczema, associated cracks and blisters might become infected. An infection necessitates treatment with an antibiotic, which are available only through a doctor’s prescription.

Other Prescription Drugs

Should over-the-counter drugs or common treatment methods be ineffective, stronger prescription drugs might be needed.

Hand eczema can be an uncomfortable and disturbing problem. However, with proper awareness and treatment, it can be managed quite well. Those who come down with this condition are again asked to consider eczema treatment harley street style.

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