How to Dress Up a Polo Shirt to Go From Day to Night



It’s the sports clothing with its roots in the tennis world, that’s gone on to infiltrate the mainstream, gracing a more diverse range of people than any other piece of clothing since jeans.


A versatile style must

The polo shirt effortlessly straddles the boundary between the casual T-shirt and the more formal dress shirt. Making the humble polo shirt an essential element of every wardrobe and one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could own. A crisp cool cotton polo shirt, few things look better, here’s how to take this wardrobe staple from day to night:

Your polo shirt

Firstly, ensure your polo shirt’s made from a crisp quality fabric as it will give a better impression. The fit is also paramount; you want a polo shirt that fits you well, neither too loose or too tight. Regarding length it should fall to halfway down your back trouser pocket – so you can wear it either tucked in or out – any longer, and it’ll look messy. For a polo shirt that gives you the right look choose Dickies Polo Shirts, they’ll take you from day to night with ease.

Your evening event

When heading out for the evening tuck your shirt in and ensure you have at least one of the buttons done up, otherwise your look risks being too casual. Also choose a shirt in a solid classic colour, like navy, white or black, with no stripes, patterns or oversized logos. The more understated your style, the smarter you’ll look.

Your trousers

Don your polo shirt with your sharpest, darkest jeans or a pair of cotton trousers, to go from day to night. When it comes to the latter, avoid pale shades associated with the beach, and opt for something classier, in a darker hue.

Your shoes

Ditch your trainers or canvas shoes for leather footwear, like loafers or boots; the latter will give a particularly smart finish, with no messy-looking gap.

Blazer trail

Put on a blazer to achieve the ultimate smart casual look that will take you from day to night with aplomb. A crisp white polo shirt under a navy blazer is the perfect combination; you could even add a pocket square to your blazer to up the ante. A word on your collar, these can look messy, so check the points are worn consistently (either in or out) and that they lying neatly.

The details

A few well-chosen accessories will make you smarter still, from modish sunglasses to a classic watch. When choosing leather accessories ensure they match, such as brown shoes, watch strap, bag and matching tortoise shell sunglasses. Mixing brown and black accessories is a style faux pas, so select one or the other – though brown tends to be better for a summer evening look.

So there you have a few hints on how you can wear your polo shirt during the day and at night. 



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