Health Benefits of Vaping over Smoking



Over recent years, the number of people seen in public with cigarettes has been reducing, while the number of people seen in public with vaporizers has been going up. At the same time, while some smokers have adopted vaporizers enthusiastically, some are much more dubious about them and that’s understandable.

Vaporizers are simple to use, but they are still slightly more complex than just lighting a cigarette, plus vaporizers have an up-front cost, which may put people off just giving them a try. In this situation, it’s worth remembering that there is a market for used vaporizers, so if you do decide you prefer traditional cigarettes, there’s a good chance you can sell on your unwanted vaporizers. Having said that, once you do give vaporizers a try, you’ll probably find you never want to switch back. Here are five reasons why.

You’ll smell better

It’s hard to find a polite way of putting this, but cigarettes stink and the reason that cigarettes stink is because cigarette smoke is full of tar and all kinds of chemicals, which are completely eliminated when using a vaporizer. To make matters worse, cigarette smoke clings to hair and clothes and over time it turns skin, teeth and nails yellow.

You’ll save money over the long term

A vaporizer is a one-off purchase, after that you just need a few supplies, particularly e-juice. This, in itself, helps to keep costs down. Another point to remember is that the medical and scientific community is starting to come around to the idea that vaporizers could offer significant health benefits when compared to smoking, it’s therefore entirely possible that the government will adopt a “carrot-and-stick” approach of taxing traditional cigarettes at a very high level but taxing vaporizers and eliquids more lightly.

You’ll reduce your fire risk

Even the most sensible and responsible smokers can easily drop ash into the wrong place and end up with burns on themselves or their clothes. Worse still you can end up replacing carpets and curtains or having to pay for damage to other people’s belongings. In worst case, you can actually end up causing a fire. You may think this will never happen to you, but `it happens on a regular basis and the people who cause these fires probably thought it would never happen to them.

You’ll breathe more easily

Public Health England recently published a review indicating that vaporizers were up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. Now there is obviously a difference between “less harmful” and “good for you”, frankly vaporizing nicotine-based eliquids is still unhealthy. It is, however, massively less unhealthy in all kinds of ways. In particular, the fact that cigarettes create smoke whereas vaporizers create vapour means that vaporizers eliminate tar, ash and the associated carcinogens all of which can do serious damage to a person’s lungs.

You’ll have fewer restrictions when socializing

The ban on smoking in public also applies to vaping, but in private spaces, hosts set their own rules. By this point in time, many people are very aware of the dangers of passive smoking and of the fact that ash can burn household fabrics and, even if it doesn’t, it is guaranteed to linger on them long after the smoker has left the building. It is therefore hardly surprising that traditional smokers often have to head outside by themselves to light up. Vaporizing, however, is far more likely to be accepted indoors.

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