Is Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout Effective?

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Are you wondering if you should take the plunge and give Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout (BBG workout) a try?

Her 12-week Bikini Body Guide program has gained in popularity over the last few years with followers increasing into the tens of millions all over the world transforming their bodies and lifestyles.

If you are amongst these millions of women looking to Kayla Itsines for motivation and instruction on fitness and exercise for weight loss you may wonder how effective it is to follow the workouts provided in her BBG Workout eBook before getting started. Well this 37-year old mom have found Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide BBG workout very effective and wrote a review at

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review

It’s as simple as a flick across your screen or a quick read of your guide. Everything you need to know about getting started with Kayla Itsines workout’s to follow through with your weight loss goals, increased fitness and health can be found within her guide.

Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide is easily downloadable online, either from your home computer or via her newly released fitness app on your mobile phone.

Kayla’s guide provides comprehensive and easy to read instructions along with simple images and measures of how to perform each exercise to obtain optimum results. The workouts can help get you on track to creating yourself a better lifestyle, and giving you guidance on how to structure your daily exercise and meals into your current lifestyle and into the future, to maintain a healthy, active way of life.

Bikini body workouts by Kayla are not complex, just plain simplicity for those that do not have much time or do not wish to spend too much time in the gym. However, they are not a walk in the park. A base level of fitness is necessary as these workouts can be difficult even for the generally fit individual. I have found these 3 points to be why the Kayla Itsines Workouts are easy to follow:

1. Pre-planned
12 weeks’ worth of workouts are completely planned out week-to-week and day-by-day so there is no uncertainty about what needs to be completed. If using Sweat with Kayla, workouts include each exercise and repetition number, instructions on each exercise plus timing of the 28 minute resistance workout or cardio session.

2. Diagrams
Each exercise is complemented with an image of Kayla demonstrating the exercise and how it should be executed. If you’re unsure of what the description means you should be able to get it from the provided image and vice versa. If you’re struggling to execute the standard exercise, there is also an explanation on how to complete an easier version until you build up your strength.

3. No Jargon
Instructions provided in the workouts are easy to read with no scientific language that cannot be understood by the general population. Everything is laid out simply and explained concisely for easy comprehension.

BBG Workout Plan

Exercises provided in the Kayla Itsines workout require minimal equipment, generally requiring body-weight resistance in different training methods decreasing confusion on execution of unfamiliar exercises. However, some exercises require additional equipment (dumbbells, medicine balls or steps) you normally don’t have.

Alternative exercises are provided, yet additional household items that could substitute as required equipment are not. Mostly the workouts are body-weight based and very easy to follow. You can complete these workouts anywhere you may be. You could be in your own home, back yard, the local park, camping, on holiday or even on your lunch break.

Do not be fooled though, the exercises are easy to follow but the workout is tough and although Kayla provides you with all the education and instruction you need to complete your BBG workouts she is not there standing over you making sure you complete every repetition, so there is some accountability on your part to keep yourself motivated throughout.

Bikini Body Guide Facts You Should Know

If you have a base level of fitness and are looking for a simple, straight forward, pre-planned and guided workout with minimal equipment and prefer to exercise from home or outside the gym for numerous reasons, Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide workout is very simple to follow, allowing you to understand what and how to execute certain exercises from anywhere, anytime.

These workouts are not recommended for beginners or severely deconditioned as these workouts are quite challenging and may need adjusting for certain conditions, injuries and lower fitness levels for which there is no trainer to do so. If this is you, consulting your GP beforehand for clearance and seeing a fitness professional (Personal Trainer, Exercise Scientist or Exercise Physiologist) to build base fitness and basic exercise knowledge beforehand is necessary.

For the intermediate exerciser who has completed basic body weight or equipment assisted exercises of any sort will be able to follow along quite easily but you will need to have some form of base fitness and internal motivation to keep you going the entire Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide BBG workout as there is no physical trainer watching every move!

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