How to Keep Your Baby Safe During the Summer Months



How to Keep Your Baby Safe During the Summer Months

It’s summertime, the time of year when many people want to get out and about and many parents with young children will relish the opportunity to let them work off some energy out in the open air.  Having said that, summer brings its own hazards, so here are three tips on how to manage them.

Start with the sun

The obvious sun-related hazard in sunburn and these days many parents will be aware that they need to use much the same sun-related precautions to protect their baby as they do to protect themselves.  The slight difference is that some sunscreens may have ingredients which make them unsuitable for children so always check the label.  There is, however, a more subtle hazard, which is that young children often enjoy taking off their shoes, which is understandable, but shoes protect little feet against heat and sharp objects, so they do need to stay on.  The ideal set of summer shoes has reasonably open uppers for comfort, but sturdy soles.  Babies can also dehydrate very easily, so it’s very important to carry water for your baby, even on short trips.

Speaking of water

Summer and paddling pools are a combination which creates many happy childhood memories, but young children have very small lungs and hence can drown very quickly, for example in the time it takes you to check a text message.  When children are in or near water, even shallow water, a responsible adult needs to be watching them constantly.  Phones can wait.

Battle bugs (with and without wings)

Adults tend to associate colds and other illnesses with winter time, but younger children can be vulnerable to them in summer too.  Be scrupulous about enforcing hygiene, particularly if your child is still at the stage where they want to put everything in their mouth.  With this in mind, if your child is still too young to understand the danger of drinking dirty water, such as in a public paddling pool, then you will have to make a choice between getting in there with them and making sure they stay upright, so they can’t swallow it, or just stopping them from going in there in the first place.

Bugs with wings and other creepy crawlies are a summer nuisance for everyone and particularly for babies and young children.  Flies may be an irritant but they are, at least, relatively easy to keep off your baby and they don’t actually bite.  The likes of mosquitoes and ticks most certainly do and can spread nasty illnesses in the process.

Mosquitoes can be deterred with the same sort of precautions as for flies, but ticks are another story.  The best protection is to stay fully covered at all times when you are in the sort of environment they like (mainly woodland areas and/or anywhere deer live) and even then you should check your child and yourself carefully after any excursions into the wild (and your pets too).  Ticks can carry Lyme disease, which can be deadly for adults, let alone babies.

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