Step By Step Guide For Using A Pull Up Bar

If you have recently invested in a pull up bar, but do not know the first thing about using one, you have come to the right place. Many people make the mistake of thinking that because a pull up bar is a very easy piece of equipment to use, that they can use it without any directions or advice. Most people seem to think they know how to use one, but actually don’t. While this usually means that they waste a lot of time and effort exercising when it has no effect at all, it can also mean that they injure themselves badly.

It’s for this reason that we have put together the brief guide below. It gives you step by step instructions on how to successfully use the best pull up bar.

Warming Up

It is crucial that you do some form of proper warming up before attempting any kind of exercise. Like anything else cold, muscles that have not been sufficiently warmed up are brittle and can be damaged easily if you try to exercise using them. Additionally, another positive result of completing a successful bout of warming up is that the next day following your workout you will usually feel a lot better, less stiff and recover quicker.


Before you do anything else, stand with your arms stretched out above your head and ensure that the bar is just within reaching distance. Grip at the bar wit your arms shoulder width apart and start to hang your feet so they are off the ground. It is important that you hang your feet at least 2 seconds before you do a pull up or do another after just completing one or let go.


While hanging, lift your legs up a little further. You do this for a number of reasons – to stop tricking to kick your legs out or twisting while pulling up if it becomes too difficult or to keep you balanced.

Pulling Up

Start pulling up until your chin is above the bar. It is important that your elbows only move down and not from side to side while you are pulling up. It is your body that builds up resistance and applies pressure to your shoulders, arms and chest.

At the top when you have pulled yourself up, hold yourself there for around 3 seconds minimum before slowly lowering yourself down to the starting position.

Working Out

For the final step in our guide, this is when you build up a proper and full work out routine of pull ups. In order to really benefit the most out of doing pull ups you need to ensure that you do at least a set of 5 repetitions or more and at least 5 sets at each time. You can also add different types of grip to target more specific muscle groups.

As you can see, the actual basics are very simple, but it’s how you actually go about completing the basics that is important. Not only will it prevent you from wasting time and energy, but it will prevent you from doing an unnecessary injury.

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