Tips on How to be Healty this Summer




People associate summer with fun, folly, and freedom. They do not associate it with staying healthy, active, and disciplined. Contrary to popular belief, you can find ways to maintain your health while still enjoying all the fun that summer offers. We have a few suggestions on how to make health a priority without letting it damper your summer plans.

Get a Tan, but Stay Out of the Sun

Tanning can expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation, which sometimes leads to skin aging and cancer. Therefore, extended exposure to the sun may not be worth that sun-kissed glow.

Protect your skin by knowing the healthy alternative ways to get a tan. Many tanning salons offer spray tans and tanning lotions. These professional services and products allow you to reach your desired look without putting your health at risk.

Eat in Season

The summer months are usually the busiest and most eventful, and food is a major staple of these events. No one wants to limit themselves or worry about a diet during these annual events. So instead of restricting your meals in the summer, just add substitutions. For example, eat the cheese burger you want, but lay off some of the unnecessary extras, such as bacon and mayo. Additionally, add healthy side dishes, such as salads, baked chips, sweet potato fries, apple wedges, and kale chips.

Research the major fruits and vegetables that are in season during the summer. Use the seasonal fruits and vegetables as inspiration for healthy meals that you can plan at home.

Turn Working Out into Playing

Recharge your daily work out by skipping it. For example, play beach volleyball instead of hitting the treadmill for hours. Go hiking, biking, and camping instead of doing your usual indoor routines. Channel your inner kid by focusing less on getting fit, and more on having fun.

The Balancing Act

Make mental health a priority to maintain a balanced healthy life style. Commit to putting work aside for a few hours a day, and taking days off, just to enjoy some of your favorite activities. Prioritize spending time with your favorite hobbies, trips, and friends and family.

Being healthy and having fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. Just find the right balance to enjoy your summer and stay healthy.

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